How does the credit system work within the Toolbox?

There are two different credit systems within the SISTRIX Toolbox that we would like to elaborate on.

Export and API credits

The number of credits available for your account depend on the package that you booked. The credits will be refilled to their limit at the start of each week and are used for all downloads within the Toolbox and the API. Download-credits do not roll-over to the next week.

You are shown how many credits remain before each export and you can check the amount on the “API” page within the Toolbox.

Keyword queries in the Optimizer

The Optimizer has its own kind of credit-system: the keyword queries. These queries are your currency for adding keywords to the individual keyword monitoring within the Optimizer. Also in this case, you’ll get a different number of credits according to the package and the Addons booked.

When you add a keyword to the keyword monitoring the keyword query counter will increase depending on the frequency of the keyword monitoring. If you set up a once-a-week monitoring, the keyword will cost 1 keyword query. If you want the keyword to be monitored on a daily basis, the keyword will cost 5 keyword queries.

The counter will fill up with every keyword added and go back down for every keyword deleted from the monitoring. Once the limit of keyword queries has been reached, you will not be able to add additional keywords. When this happens, you can either delete other keywords to make room or buy more keyword queries.