What is the difference between the extended and the common keyword database?

The SISTRIX Toolbox has a common keyword database with more than 1.000.000 keywords which we monitor on a weekly basis. This database is available for all the Google country indexes we monitor.

For some countries, like Germany, Spain and the UK, we also have an additional, extended keyword database for many million more keywords which we monitor at least once a month.

The common database

The common database will help you answer questions of the category “how was this domain’s development on Google?”. For such questions you will need a statistically comparable and consistent database which covers a long history.

Depending on the country, we started monitoring the common database keywords as far back as 2008 and saved each weeks results. This makes it possible to perform extensive historical evaluations for a website.

To access this database, you can click on the “Keywords” menu item in the SEO-, Ads- or Universal-Search module and switch to the “Common Data” tab above the filters and choose the date in the “Options” box.

The extended database

When you have to answer questions like “What is my competitor doing better than me?”, you will often compare the current status-quo of two or more domains to figure out their optimization potentials, often based on keyword data. In these cases more keywords are just more helpful and this is where our extended database comes into play, with its many million keyword rankings.

The extended database does not save the data of each crawl but will always show you the rankings from the last time we crawled the keyword. This database is automatically activated for the countries DE, ES and UK, when you click on the “Keywords” menu item in the SEO-, Ads- or Universal-Search module.