How are social signals measured in the toolbox?

The social module of the Toolbox measures the type and quantity of social signals available for the ranking URLs of a domain. At the moment we cover five large social networks and measure the following social signals.

  • Facebook: likes, shares and comments on a URL are each measured as a social signal and added together. The 3 values can be analyzed separately in the toolbox.
  • Twitter: how often is a URL mentioned on Twitter
  • Google+: how often is a URL mentioned on GooglePlus
  • LinkedIn: frequency of mentions on LinkedIn
  • Pinterest: frequency of mentions on Pinterest

To measure these numbers we verify the known URLs of a domain using the official APIs of the networks, collect the social signals and save the time series data.

It is important to note that we only summarize the social signals of one domain: facebook fanpages, twitter accounts and similar activities take place on the providers’ own platforms rather than your own domain. Consequently, the social signals created by these activities are not counted.