How many keywords are monitored?

Depending on the country and selected data, the ranking analyses in SISTRIX are based on two different databases:

Visibility data: we monitor one million keywords in each Toolbox country. These search queries are selected in such a way that they represent a statistically reliable average of the search behavior in the respective country. They are the basis for the Visibility Index, but also for other analyses in the toolbox. In many countries, we collect the rankings for these one million keywords for both desktop and mobile search results, in some countries only for mobile search results.

Extended database: in countries that are of increased relevance for our users, we capture information on numerous other keywords in an extended database in addition to the one million keywords. This database includes, for example, at least 5.6 million additional keywords in Sweden, around 99 million additional keywords in Germany and 50 million in the UK. As a result, the toolbox offers the most comprehensive range of ranking data for Europe. You can find an up-to-date list with the number of monitored keywords per country on this page.