How do I find out who is linking to my competitors?

Backlinks continue to be an important ranking factor so finding opportunities for backlinks can help the process of creating them. By looking at your competitors links you might be able to find opportunities.

Finding new links with the link module.

We continuously crawl for new links and as we find them we add them to our database. To view new links that have been discovered simply select the “New Links” menu item in the link module menu on the left hand side. You will be shown a list of recent […]

How to view the development of links over time.

With the Link module, you can easily access the link history of a domain. To do this use the link module menu on the left hand side and click Link History. When you’ve clicked the Link History menu item you’ll be presented with a graph of the historical development of […]

What types of links are collected and how can they be filtered?

Links to a domain can take various forms. For our link database we capture many different types. Our filtering system also allows you to view only certain types of link.

Which link indexes are available in the link module?

The Link module will offer you our regular linkindex for all websites, on one hand, with the additional option of enabling LinkPlus, our extended database, for up to 250 domains. For our regular link database we crawl 250,000 pages per minute or 10 billion pages per month. As a result, […]

What is the LinkManager?

Administering and reviewing the vast amounts of links to your sites that are volountarily set takes up a lot of time. With the SISTRIX LinkManager we want to help you out: links stored here are checked every day to see if they still exist and whether the website operator is […]

How do I export the links from the Google Search Console?

In order to download your links through the Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) you need to connect the domain to your Search Console. Once this is done you can go to “Searchqueries” within the Google Search Console and select the “Links to Your Site” option. Now you are finally […]

How do I integrate data from Google Analytics?

We currently use Google Analytics data in SISTRIX LinkRating for two purposes: First, referrer URLs are added as potential link sources, which broadens the data basis for the evaluation, and secondly, the system rates pages from which many users come to your own site as a positive sign. In order […]

Why aren’t all links used from the uploaded file?

We use the uploaded link files from different sources to expand the data basis for our link crawler. In doing so, we only use the source URLs that were not featured in other data sources. In addition, we use a maximum of 100 URLs per host so as not to […]