Which link indexes are available in the link module?

The Link module will offer you our regular linkindex for all websites, on one hand, with the additional option of enabling LinkPlus, our extended database, for up to 250 domains.

For our regular link database we crawl 250,000 pages per minute or 10 billion pages per month. As a result, we update data on more than 250 billion links per month. The data for this link database is usually updated once a month.

Our LinkPlus database builds on the regular link database and allows you to display a variety of additional information about each link.

To activate LinkPlus, please go to “Links > Overview” for the selected domain and click on the “Activate LinkPlus” button.

Through the high-performance databases in use, we can offer a daily update cycle for domains where the LinkPlus index is activated. A link to a domain which was found only yesterday can already be displayed in the LinkPlus index, today.

The domains on the LinkPlus list can be viewed in the toolbox under My Account > Watchlist / LinkPlus. You can delete Domains on your LinkPlus list any time after 28 days have passed, from the time you added the domain.

When are links which are not found removed from the indexes?

In order for us to not declare a link, which could not be reached by our crawlers at query time, as dead too early, we give these links a certain amount of time to be checked again by our crawlers. In the regular index, it may take a few update cycles until we remove a link from the index.

If you have activated the LinkPlus database for a domain, we can examine the link queries on a daily basis which enables us to assume that, after 60 days, a link actually no longer exists and remove it from the index.