What is a good Visibility Index value?

The best way to determine a good Visibility Index score is to compare it to your competitors: what is the value of the strongest competitors, what is the lowest, and how do you compare to them? Either use the competitor function in the toolbox or create your own keyword list […]

Is the Visibility Index comparable across countries?

We determine the Visibility Index for 40 countries. In each country, the same number of visibility points is distributed among all ranking domains. A visibility index of 10 in Germany therefore also corresponds to a visibility of 10 in the USA. Since the size of the respective markets naturally differs […]

Which search results are used to calculate the Visibility Index?

The Visibility Index measures SEO success. We therefore evaluate only organic search results in Google SERPs for the calculation. Ads and other boxes from the search results are not included in the visibility index. If Google introduces non-organic content in a position that displaces an organic search hit, we attribute […]

How can I improve my Visibility Index?

It’s not that an improvement in Visibility Index value leads to better rankings in Google, but that an improvement in rankings in Google leads to an improved Visibility Index value. Your goal is higher rankings for more keywords. The best way to do this is through competitor analysis. Based on the […]