What is the difference between Keyword, and Ranking numbers?

Keyword and ranking numbers are often used interchangeably in the context of SEO, but they have a different meaning. In the toolbox, we usually measure the number of different (unique) keywords and not rankings. If the domain ranks in position 1, 2, 5 and 7 for the keyword “sistrix”, […]

What is the Expert Filter?

The filter functions in the Toolbox are designed in such a way that they lead to the most common result quickly and easily, for most applications. For the remaining cases you can use the Expert Filter. You can activate this in most tables using the Options dropdown in the top […]

Why can’t I see all the columns in the table?

Most of the tables in the Toolbox have more columns and data available than most monitors can display. In addition, the toolbox is designed to be used with mobile phones, and 30-inch monitors on devices of very different sizes. This has two consequences: The number of columns displayed depends on […]

Which requests can I start via the search bar?

The search bar of the SISTRIX Toolbox is the entry point for a wealth of evaluations. That is why we would like to offer a list of all possible requests via the search bar. Evaluations of domains, subdomains, directories and URLs Entry of a domain If you only enter the […]

How do I delete domains from the lists of the Toolbox start page?

On the Toolbox start page you will find the most frequently used domains, hostnames and URLs for the profile as a quick access. The four most frequented will each be shown with a screenshot, and we show 10 entries below the search bar without screenshots. This level of personalization will […]

How do I create dashboards?

Dashboards help you get a comprehensive overview of your important domains. Instead of having to enter multiple domains in to the search box each week to get your data, you can simply add the information important to you to a dashboard. The next time you open the dashboard you will […]