Why can’t I see all the columns in the table?

Most of the tables in the Toolbox have more columns and data available than most monitors can display. In addition, the toolbox is designed to be used with mobile phones, and 30-inch monitors on devices of very different sizes. This has two consequences:

  1. The number of columns displayed depends on your screen size. If you use a small laptop, you will automatically be shown less data than on a large desktop screen. We have selected the displayed table columns so that the least important columns are removed first. If you still want to see more columns on your small laptop, you can use the browser zoom to reduce the magnification (if you have good eyes!)
  2. In many tables, not all available columns are displayed by default. In the keyword table, for example, only 7 of the 32 columns available are shown. You can, however, easily customise the display of the remaining columns. To do this, click on “Options” in the top menu-bar and select “Select Columns”. Use this option to select the columns you want to see. The settings are saved in your account. You can even store different table profiles and change them as required.