Creating overviews with dashboards

Dashboards allow you to build your own overviews. You can assemble the data you need for one domain or many. Additional clicks in the SISTRIX Toolbox become obsolete. This tutorial shows you how to easily create dashboards.


Create a new dashboard

First, we will create a new dashboard. If you have already created lists and reports, you already know the basic principle. You can add any box within the Toolbox to your dashboard, as long as you have the module available. This means you can accommodate data from the Link- and SEO-module, but also data from the Ads-module on a single dashboard.

We will create our first dashboard for the domain “”, where we add the most important weekly data. Alternatively, you could also choose any domain you like and type it into the searchbar.


This opens the domain overview. Here, you can add any element you would like to the dashboard. The order in which you add boxes to the dashboard does not matter, at the moment. You will be able to sort the entire dashboard later.

First, we add the Visibility score. To do this, you click on the gear-wheel in the top right hand corner of the box. This opens a menu, where you can click on “Add to Dashboard“.


In the next step, you will be asked if you want to add the box to an existing dashboard, or whether you would like to create a new dashboard. In this case you choose “– Create new Dashboard“. With dashboards, you can decide to add a name for each box. If you do not name a box the default name will be used. The dashboard name itself can be changed later.


You will get an immediate confirmation that the box was added. Now, you can close the window or choose to switch to the dashboard. When the window is closed, you can select and add the next box, right away. Your dashboard is called “My Dashboard“, at first, and can be re-named whenever you want.

You can now add different boxes from the various modules that interest you to the dashboard.

Viewing and editing dashboards


In the horizontal navigation, you can find the menu item “Dashboards” in the middle of the screen, which will take you directly to the overview of all dashboards.

Now ,select the dashboard you just created. You can re-name it by clicking on the cog-wheel on the right side of the current title.


On top of each dashboard you now have the new title and you can also see how many boxes (so-called elements) you have already added to the dashboard.


You can create dashboards for your most important domains or competitors. If you would like to have an overview of the development of the domains, you do not have to type in each domain into the Toolbox and then look at the data boxes, one at a time.

All you need to do is open the specific dashboard and voilà, you have all the data set up just the way you wanted and always up-to-date. You save time during your evaluations with the SISTRIX Toolbox and you do not need as many clicks. If needed, you can export each dashboard as a PDF-file, too.

More examples

You can also create a dashboard where you add the Visibility history for your important domains. This way, you do not have to open each domain separately and you will have a compact overview of the development instead. The same principle can be applied to other data-boxes, like the history of the amount of links.