Building Backlinks: 6 Ideas that will help

If you want to build backlinks, you need to create a good reason, because website operators usually give out backlinks only under the condition that they add value. In this article, you will find 6 exciting possibilities and ideas to build backlinks.

Is the content valuable enough for your visitors that it is worth linking to? If this is the case, there are several ways to get backlinks.

Examples for Link Building: 6 Possibilities and Ideas

Become a Guest Author

The classic link building strategy is guest authorship. You write an article for the linking site. In return, you will receive a link to your own website as part of that article.

Skyscraper Analysis

In the Skyscraper Analysis, you examine which competitor pages have been linked to frequently for a particular keyword or topic. You take a closer look at their strengths and weaknesses, and then try to create content that is better. Then you contact the linking sites and explain why your content deserves the link more.

Take Advantage of Broken Links

If you find broken links, you can email the website operator and refer to your own content as a link opportunity if it matches the link text. Tools can help you find such broken links.

Use Statistics, Infographics and Studies

If you have thrilling statistics, the perfect infographic or interesting study results, backlinks are almost guaranteed. But you need to ensure that these are also found.

Use press portals or write directly to multipliers to let them know that you have created an exciting study.

Also, never underestimate the sloppiness of authors: Regularly check to see if websites link to a source that merely takes up your study, and point out to the website operator that you are the original source.

Work With Multipliers and Influencers

You can also generate backlinks if you work with influencers and other internet personalities. Make sure that you make use of the branding effect, and don’t just focus on SEO. The expenses are usually quite high, and you should take advantage of the public attention as much as possible.

Use a Social Media Strategy

You can also increase the popularity of your content through social media networks. Shared posts may not be backlinks depending on the platform, but social signals are also a good indicator for good content.

This also increases your exposure and reach, as well as the likelihood that someone takes up your posts and links to them.

How Do I Receive Free Backlinks?

Five of the mentioned possibilities at least have a chance of receiving a free backlink. It is possible that a website operator does not react after you reach out to them. In that case, it is worth following up again after a few days.

However, people may demand something in return for the backlink. Many blogs and online magazines sell backlinks and derive a large part of their revenues from this. Thus, it is much more troublesome to obtain free backlinks.

But it is not impossible. Especially if the content is truly first-class and can distinguish itself from the competition, it will always be linked.

Conclusion: Not Possible Without Compensation

Building backlinks works well when the content is high-quality. Especially when a website operator completely forgoes paid links, this is the only way. In that case, the compensation is the added value that your unique and outstanding content brings.