Googlebot Crawler using Local-Country IP Addresses

The official Googlebot has previously only used IP addresses assigned to the USA. Now things seem to be changing and Google is working on the ability to crawl with local country IP addresses that are not from the USA.

Gary Illyes, Google’s webmaster liaison, said at the Google Search Central Live event in Singapore that local IP address ranges have already been allocated. However, the system for this is not yet live and should only be used if access from the USA is blocked.

Last year Google published an official list of IP addresses that the Googlebot uses to crawl. Here is a list of the IP addresses by country assignment that are not assigned to the USA

Googlebot crawler IP addresses outside the USA
IP networkcountry Korea Britain Kong

Good to see that Google has already included numerous other countries in this official list: in addition to economically relevant countries, Google also seems to want to circumnavigate political tensions and lockdowns with the combination of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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