New data protection agreement between the US and the EU, but how long will it last?

Three years after the European Court of Justice overturned the last data protection agreement (Privacy Shield) between the USA and the EU, there is now a successor. This new agreement makes it easier once again to transfer personal data from the EU to data centers in the USA, in theory.

The lawyer Max Schrems, who already overturned Privacy Shield and the data protection agreement before it (Safe Harbor) before the ECJ, is also planning to take legal action against the new agreement. He gives the new agreement “maybe a ten percent chance of not being killed.”

The core problem from my point of view: the USA will always give the self-interests of their secret services higher priority than international agreements. Relative to the two sides of the Atlantic, the agreement has different effects.

We decided many years ago to store all personal data solely and exclusively on servers within the EU:

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