How many pages can I crawl with the Optimizer?

The Optimizer Module will crawl the site until all linked pages are found. You may, however, add additional link sources for us to crawl which might expose content that is not internally linked. In total, across all projects in the Optimizer, you can crawl up to 500,000 URLs. The maximum […]

Link and social signals in Optimizer projects.

With each Optimizer project you are given access to the complete link database and the social signals database for the project domain. The Links and Social modules contain the same data and features as in the Links and Social modules but you are restricted to the domain contained within the […]

Why does the Optimizer-crawler request my page once every minute?

One feature of the SISTRIX Optimizer is a continuous monitoring of your project’s uptime. For this evaluation, we will request the startpage once per minute, in order to make sure that we can correctly measure the uptime. These requests will use the following user-agent: ‘Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; SISTRIX Optimizer; Uptime; +https://www.sistrix.com/faq/uptime)’ […]

Can I get more projects and keywords in the Optimizer?

Yes, of course. If the default-version Pro 5 is not big enough, you can upgrade at any time you like.. Where can I upgrade? You will need to use the main account profile for the Toolbox and navigate to the Optimizer overview page. There you will find the “Upgrade your […]

How do I delete a project in the Optimizer?

To delete an Optimizer project, please click on “Settings” at the top right of the blue navigation bar and then on “Project”. Once the project is older than 28 days, you will be able to klick on the “Delete project” button. If the project is too fresh, we will show […]

Where can I manually restart the Optimizer crawler?

You will find the “Restart Crawler” button by going to the “Onpage” menu.

Can the Optimizer also crawl subdomains or directories?

Yes, the SISTRIX optimizer is able to not only crawl entire domains but also specific subdomains (hostnames) and directories. When starting a project, you can specify whether the domain, a subdomain or a directory should be crawled and analyzed. The setting can be changed in the project settings (Settings -> […]

What is the Optimizer crawler called?

By default, our Optimizer crawler will use the following user agent when crawling your homepage: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Optimizer) In the project settings you can customize the user-agent according to your wishes and requirements. The next time the crawler is run, we will use the new user-agent you provided. Access by […]

Can I set up a daily project Visibility Index?

Yes, you are able to change the project Visibility Index, which is calculated using only the keywords you track for this project, to show daily updates. In order to do so, you will need to have at least one keyword in this project on a daily crawl-frequency and we must […]

How do I create a daily and local keyword monitoring in the Optimizer?

If you want to track a keyword on a daily basis or from a specific city, please go to “Project Settings > Keywords” within the project where you wish to add the keyword. A daily or local keyword monitoring cannot be set up during the creation of a new project. […]

How many projects can I create?

Evaluating LinkRating projects is a very sophisticated process: we crawl each link anew, establish over 50 ranking factors for each link and run all links through more than 30 rule-sets. In order to be able to integrate LinkRating into the link module for free, we use a slot system to […]