How can I display the Visibility Index history of more than the top 3 results under SEO host names/directories?

In the “SEO > Hostnames” and “SEO > Directories” evaluations, you will always see the top 3 most powerful hosts/directories in a graphic, showing their history. You are not able to select another host/directory outside of the displayed three.

If you want to check the Visibility Index history for other hosts/directories, you can do the following:

Select the first of the hosts/directories you want to compare by clicking on their result in the list with your mouse cursor. The overview page for that specific host/directory will then be displayed.

On this page you can also find the Visibility Index history for that host/directory. Click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the chart and select “Compare chart”. At this point, you can enter up to four hosts/directories whose Visibility Index history you want to superimpose.

Please keep in mind the format for the entry of hosts, directories and URLs. You can find these in our FAQ called “Which requests can I start via the search bar?