Which Countries and Languages does the Optimizer Rank Tracker Support?

The keyword rank tracker in the Optimizer module supports the following country and language combinations. Andorra (Catalan) United Arab Emirates (Arabic) Arab Emirates (English) United Arab Emirates (Persian) United Arab Emirates (Hindi) United Arab Emirates (Urdu) Afghanistan (Persian) Afghanistan (Pashto) Antigua and Barbuda (English) Anguilla (English) Albania (Albanian) Armenia (Armenian) […]

What is Cost Per Click – CPC?

CPC is a an acronym for Cost Per Click, which is the price that an advertiser would pay when an display advert is clicked. In the Toolbox, this value refers to the click price for Google Ads.

How can I find Google Ad keywords that are also used by my competitors?

It’s important to know your competition, in all aspects of your online activities. Finding out what competitors are also targeting your keywords will give you an advantage.

How do I create a daily and local keyword monitoring in the Optimizer?

If you want to track a keyword on a daily basis or from a specific city, please go to “Project Settings > Keywords” within the project where you wish to add the keyword. A daily or local keyword monitoring cannot be set up during the creation of a new project. […]

How can I use my Optimizer keywords in the SEO module?

If you set up a custom keywords monitoring through the Optimizer and would like to evaluate and filter these keywords in the SEO module, you can do the following: Enter the domain you want to monitor in the SISTRIX Toolbox. Then go to “SEO > Keywords” in the left navigation […]

What is the difference between the extended and the common keyword database?

The SISTRIX Toolbox has a common keyword database with more than 1.000.000 keywords which we monitor on a weekly basis. This database is available for all the Google country indexes we monitor. For some countries, like Germany, Spain and the UK, we also have an additional, extended keyword database for […]