Visibility Index

Frequently asks questions about the Visibility Index
How can I improve my Visibility Index?

It’s not that an improvement in Visibility Index value leads to better rankings in Google, but that an improvement in rankings in Google leads to an improved Visibility Index value. Your goal is higher rankings for more keywords. The best way to do this is through competitor analysis. Based on the […]

Seller and Brand Visibility analysis.

Seller (Merchant) Visibility With the Marketplace module, you can analyse the so-called seller visibility for every merchant on Amazon. In the blue navigation just select “Seller” and enter any dealer name you want to examine. The Seller Visibility Index is based on many millions of relevant Amazon keywords that we […]

Can I set up a daily project Visibility Index?

Yes, you are able to change the project Visibility Index, which is calculated using only the keywords you track for this project, to show daily updates. In order to do so, you will need to have at least one keyword in this project on a daily crawl-frequency and we must […]

Is it possible to compare the Visibility Index history of multiple domains?

One of the most flexible and useful ways to compare the history of two or more domains is to use the comparison feature. Compare changes (when you suspect that a competitor or Google might be affecting your domains visibility) or compare mobile vs desktop views. You are able to display […]

How can I display the Visibility Index history of more than the top 3 results under SEO host names/directories?

In the “SEO > Hostnames” and “SEO > Directories” evaluations, you will always see the top 3 most powerful hosts/directories in a graphic, showing their history. You are not able to select another host/directory outside of the displayed three. If you want to check the Visibility Index history for other […]