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Information about the Visibility Index
How To Use Directory-Level Visibility Data for your SEO Work

Analysing directory level visibility can expose content strategies that work in Google Search. This information can then be used to enhance a website. The historical data can be used for domain due-diligence, or finding directories that are no longer ranking on domains. Domain or directory competitors can also be found. […]

How to use Country Visibility Data in the SISTRIX Toolbox

For any business working or expanding into international markets, and for sites offering content that spans many countries, monitoring the international visibility of your domains, or those of your competitors, is important. View successful content, discover new markets, assess competitors and cross-check your international SEO strategy. SISTRIX collects and analyses […]

How to use Hostname Visibility Data in the SISTRIX Toolbox

Hostname visibility information can reveal a lot about a business and its online activities. It can show strategies that are working, expose business practices and help monitor and analyse visibility development across a large site. The SISTRIX Toolbox data, updated and archived since 2010, offers hostname lists (sometimes known as […]

Recognising and Analysing a Domain Crash in the SISTRIX Visibility Index

It is not an uncommon occurrence that a domain’s visibility suddenly drops drastically from one week to the next. It is important to identify the cause(s) and to take the necessary steps to remedy this. In this tutorial, we will show you an example of an affected domain and an […]

Create your own Visibility Index

Every SISTRIX Toolbox user can create their own Visibility Index with the SISTRIX Optimizer. By specifying your own search terms, rankings can be monitored either daily or weekly. The same search terms are also evaluated for your competitors, making comparisons easy. In this tutorial we show you a useful way […]