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How to Use Dashboards for SEO Monitoring and Workflow

SISTRIX Toolbox dashboards can save you time, improve your workflow, and reduce the possibility that you miss an important event. They’re dynamic, include easy-to-interpret charts, are always up-to-date and are not restricted to one domain. You can also monitor competitors or sector activity. In this tutorial we show you some […]

How to create and configure Reports in the SISTRIX Toolbox

With the SISTRIX Toolbox you’ll be able to easily create and personalise reports and email them to anyone you decide. Every data-box in the Toolbox (weekly, daily, mobile or desktop data) can be easily added to a report and will be updated automatically, allowing you to always send the freshest […]

Using Alerts in the SISTRIX Toolbox

The SISTRIX Toolbox has different alerts available that permit every user to be notified via email or a Slack connection about data changes in the Toolbox. Importantly they can save time on proactive monitoring of you domains and those of your competitors.