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The SISTRIX Toolbox is the premier tool used by SEO-professionals.

Evaluate your website and discover the reasons for your competitors’ success.

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We know how important SEO is for the success of your website.

Searcheingines are the most commonly used services on the internet today and the most important source of visitors for many domains. Successful SEO will often be the deciding factor between the success and failure of a website. You need to first understand Google in order to be successful in Google. This is the reason why we created the SISTRIX Toolbox.

It is so much more that “just” a SEO-tool.




The Cockpit for
Your SEO-Success

Ready, Steady, SEO.

The SISTRIX Toolbox already has all the important SEO key-performance-indicators for virtually any website available, just waiting for you. This enables you to quickly check out both the strength and weaknesses for a website.
Use meaningful data and evaluations for your decision-making process and make the right calls. Set your website on a course for success right now.



Data You Love from People You Trust

Our goal is to not just show you lots of data. We want to show you meaningful and highly conclusive data. For this reason we are careful to validate the quality of our data and make sure that it can also be used in reliable historic comparisons.

This is the only way to ensure that evaluations will lead to the correct decision making. This demand for such a high quality standard of our data has been the reason why the SISTRIX–Visibilityindex score has become the industry-standard for German SEOs.



Ad-Hoc Evaluations with Time Machine

Fast is Better than Slow

We believe that you should be able to quickly access data, without the need for a time-consuming set-up for each Domain. We were the first global tool to automatically gather the Top100 rankings for millions of keywords and the corresponding KPIs for the respective domains.

You are able to view all this data in easy to understand evaluations, going back all the way to mid-2010. No setup needed. This is what we call ad-hoc-evaluations and they enable SEOs all over the world to save precious time every week, which has revolutionized the way SEO-evaluations are being run.



Visualize Google-Updates

Google has periodically released major and minor updates to their index, like Panda and Penguin. To enable you to relate your data in this perspective, we came up with event-pins. All official Google updates are added to the Toolbox and automatically shown as an event-pin, if the Visibilityindex score dropped considerably at the time of an update.

It has never been easier to figure out when a Google update might have caused a change in the ranking of your site and quickly react to it. The event-pins can also be used to mark your own events, such as a relaunch, for example. Start putting your visibility into perspective with event-pins.


Googlebot SimTech

Evaluate Links from Google’s Point-of-View

Links are one of the most important ranking factors for any searchengine. Though not all links are created equal, as far as their quality is concerned and they have the tendency to age quickly. This is the reason why you do not get far by using just any kind of linkdata, however much there may be. You need relevant data, the kind that Google really takes into consideration.

For this reason, we pushed our linkcrawler to a whole new level. Based on all our data for all domains, we are now intelligently controlling the movement of our link-crawler, in order to best emulate the way the Googlebot behaves. This is what we call Googlebot SimTech. Thanks to this advanced technology, we are now crawling 500.000 pages per Minute, which means we crawl pages a month. This results in our ability to update data for more than Links per month and delete dead links in a timely manner.




The Success is in the details

A website is made up of numerous areas and different hostnames, directories and URLs. Every area will develop at a different rate and needs to be controlled individually to be successful as a whole. The SISTRIX Toolbox is the first SEO tools whose database-architecture has been developed with the target of being able to show all the data for individual domains, hostnames, directories and even single URLs.


Perfect SEO-Reports

Whitelabeled in Your Design

You can be proud of good SEO work. For this reason, the Toolbox lets you whitelabel SEO-reports in your design and with your logo. You are completely free in choosing which information you want to show in your reports.
This way, your customers or bosses can get the exact evaluations they need. You can also tell us to send these reports out automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, to numerous email-addresses, if you like.


SISTRIX Optimizer

Onpage-Evaluations of Your Website and Individual Keyword-Sets

Der SISTRIX Optimizer ist die Steuerzentrale für Deine Seite. Hier hast Du alle wichtigen Informationen an einer Stelle vereint. Unser leistungsfähiger Onpage-Crawler erfasst automatisch jede Woche bis zu 100.000 HTML-Seiten und informiert Dich über vermeidbare Fehler. Außerdem geben wir wertvolle Tipps zur Verbesserung Deines Google-Rankings. Dieses kannst Du individuell und bei Bedarf auch täglich überwachen lassen – mit Deinem eigenen Keyword-Set inklusive persönlichem Sichtbarkeitsindex nur für Dich. Damit lassen sich auch Spezialthemen und Nischen perfekt analysieren.

Bereits in der Basisversion des Optimizers sind fünf vollständige Projekte enthalten. In jedem dieser Projekte crawlen wir bis zu 100.000 HTML-Seiten und zusätzlich alle JavaScript-Files, CSS-Dateien und Bilder. Zusätzlich kannst Du 1.000 beliebig auf die Projekte verteilbare Keywords überwachen – bei Bedarf auch täglich, in mehr als 40 Ländern und sogar aus einzelnen Städten. Falls Du weitere Projekte oder Keywords benötigst, sind diese einfach im Optimizer erweiterbar.



International Data at No Additional Cost

Infinite Variety

The SISTRIX Toolbox offers you data for your ad-hoc evaluations for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.
The SISTRIX Optimizer enables you to monitor rankings for more than 40 different country- and language-versions of Google.


Social Media

Monitor Social Networks

Aside from searchengines, social-networks are an important source of visitors for any website. Additionally, interactions on these plattforms can give you an insight into whether a campaingn has been successful and which content was conceived as being of high quality. For this reason, we list the social signals for the three largest social-networks, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
As with every evaluation in our Toolbox, you are able to not just monitor the signals for your own website but check out those of your competitors and other domains as well.

Starting at 100 EUR net per month. Excluding VAT.