SEO Basics

Learn the basics of SEO here at Ask SISTRIX. We’ve written detailed articles on all topics that span the SEO world, including definitions that you’ll learn as you work on SEO projects and read SEO articles.

The best starting point is always the SEO beginners guide which moves through important topics such as crawling, search intent, ranking factors and the Search Quality Rater Guidelines. It includes 6 good reasons to practice SEO and a breakdown of the structure of the Google SERP. There’s a useful glossary of SEO terms at the end of the article.

How long does it take to learn SEO?

Not long. In fact you might be doing it already without realising it. Given a technically sound website (mobile friendly, crawlable and well-organised) one of the simplest tasks is to write high-quality content that matches your customers’ requirements. Take a look at our detailed article about content marketing to learn more.

SEO can get complex though, and if you’re running large websites across multiple countries and languages serving different customer desires, you’ll need some experience.

Technically sound, mobile friendly, crawlable – What does that mean?

Yes, you’ll need to do some learning and research there, unless you have external SEO help, but in most cases, the Google Search Console (GSC) is the tool that will tell you everything you need to know. For more information on crawling, we have a series of articles here.

How do I start measuring SEO progress from day 1?

Understanding how to measure SEO success and what KPIs mean is important for your first day as SEO. Be prepared to understand the difference between the Visibility Index and traffic and make sure you understand who your SEO competitors are and how they are progressing. Ranking distribution is also a great way to see the current status in a single graphic.

What is Ask SISTRIX?

Ask SISTRIX is a reference library of high-quality SEO information focused purely on helping you learn SEO. We use a journalistic process to create and edit articles which are regularly re-checked by our in-house team, and external auditors.

We try to stay independent of our products in Ask SISTRIX but if you are using our products then please be aware that we have a handbook library with walk-through videos, and a set of tutorials. We write about case studies and data studies on our blog and our occasional newsletter will keep you informed about important news, product developments and new studies.

Steve Paine