Google improves featured snippets (and could make websites redundant as a source)

Featured snippets , i.e. a highlighted search result at the beginning of the SERP, are a guarantee for a high level of attention and click-through-rate in the search results. Google has announced changes.

Google will now use its current AI model – “Multitask Unified Model (MUM)” – to check featured snippets that are displayed and mark them with a concise and bold answer, when this answer corresponds to the consensus of other, reliable results.

example of a featured snippet with highlighted answer.

In the future, this highlighting will only be displayed if other sources with high “expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness” also provide the result. The AI ​​does not need the exact same formulation and understands general concepts.

From the point of view of Google users, this is a good and important step forward – especially because many users do not question the information from Google, but rather take it as the truth.

Example of a direct answer

From the SEO perspective, the change looks more problematic. It’s not difficult to imagine that Google, with a little more experience and confidence in the result, would switch these results from featured snippets to direct answers – causing the naming of a source, including a link and traffic, to fall away completely.

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