Billing and payment information

Answers to the most common questions about invoices and billing can be found below.

What payment options do you offer?

Invoices are created at the beginning of each month of Toolbox usage. You can choose to pay either by direct debit or by credit card. You can select the payment method you prefer on the billing settings page.

Where can I find my bills?

You will find all invoices for your SISTRIX Toolbox in your account under “My Account> Invoices”. Invoices are sorted by payment status and each invoice can be downloaded as a PDF.

New monthly bills will be posted at the beginning of the month. If new upgrades are booked during the month, we will create the invoice directly and save it to the same location as well.

Can I receive the invoice by post?

Yes. Please contact our support department where they will be happy arrange a postal invoice. New invoices are sent at the beginning of the month to the address indicated on the account.

Can I pay by invoice?

This is possible under specific circumstances. Please contact our support to know more.