How do I find my close competitors on Amazon?

In February 2016, when we began to measure the search results in Amazon, we were able to find 46,921 different merchants (= sellers in Amazon language). In 2018 we measured over 150,000 merchants which is three times as many, in just two years. Clearly it’s important to be monitoring competitors […]

Seller and Brand Visibility analysis.

Seller (Merchant) Visibility With the Marketplace module, you can analyse the so-called seller visibility for every merchant on Amazon. In the blue navigation just select “Seller” and enter any dealer name you want to examine. The Seller Visibility Index is based on many millions of relevant Amazon keywords that we […]

How do I set a product review alert?

Using our marketplace tool allows you to search, browse and filter many different aspects of a product, brand or seller but we’ve also built in an alerts system for reviews. The alerts system can be set on your own products or those of other retailers. To use the alerts system, […]

What Marketplace Optimisations are evaluated?

Good Amazon search positioning is critical to sales success. To help you with that we asses product listings against a number of criteria and then present that in the section called ‘Optimization’ in the seller / merchant pages and in the vendor / brand pages. This helps you, either as […]

What data do we collect from the Amazon Marketplace

We’ve been collecting Amazon Marketplace data since 2016 but what information are we gathering? Our main indicator is the Visibility Index that is calculated based on vendor visibility and seller (merchant) visibility in our regular keyword searches. As we perform the keyword search we also gather a lot of information […]