What Marketplace Optimisations are evaluated?

Good Amazon search positioning is critical to sales success. To help you with that we asses product listings against a number of criteria and then present that in the section called ‘Optimization’ in the seller / merchant pages and in the vendor / brand pages. This helps you, either as a seller or brand owner, to focus effort on important aspects of a product listing.

Product optimisations for merchants and brands.

Short product description
The product description is shorter than 1000 characters. It’s generally recommended to have a description that is more than 1000 characters long.

Poor Reviews
This product has an average review rating of under 4.0 points. This product is therefore measurably worse than other products on Amazon.

Un-formatted product description
The product description for this product has very little formatting. Long blocks of text, without any formatting, are difficult for potential customers to read.

Unverified Reviews
In 2015 only 10% of all reviews were unverified. For this product, the rate of unverified reviews is over 50%.

Too few images
This product has less than 6 images from the maximum of 8 allowed. Product images improve rankings and increase the conversion rate.

Title is too long
The title of this product is over 200 characters long. Amazon recommends that titles should be kept to under 150 characters.

High resolution image not available
High-resolution product images, required for the zoom function on the product details pages, are not available for this product.

Title is all lowercase
The Amazon style guide recommends the correct use of capitals. The title for this product is all in lowercase characters.

Bullet points not fully populated
There are five bullet point positions available and this product doesn’t use them all. It’s recommended to use all 5 positions for better rankings.

Too few reviews
This product has fewer than 10 customer reviews. In general it’s recommended that a product has a minimum of 10 authentic reviews.