How are add-ons priced?

We have tried to design the different packages in such a way that the vast majority of users can work completely with the services included. In order to avoid having to switch to a more expensive package when individual quota limits are reached, selected components can be used individually beyond the quota included. This includes:

  • Further user profiles
  • Additional projects
  • More crawled pages
  • Additional keywords
  • Additional content projects
  • More reports, dashboards & lists
  • More API and export credits

All packages from the “Plus” package onwards are individually upgradeable. The “Start” package as a basic offer is not upgradeable.

Upgrade Confirmation

If you have reached the quota of your package for one of the services listed above in your SISTRIX account and would like to add on further elements, this is not possible without an active confirmation. Therefore, you will first see the following request:

You are currently using the full capacity of your SISTRIX account. Use beyond the included capacities will be charged with additional costs according to the current price list. If you agree and accept these additional costs, please confirm this with the following checkbox. This consent only has to be granted once for your account.

There, you must tick the box and click on the green button. To confirm the activation of the add-ons, we will send an e-mail to both you and the account admin (if it involves different profiles).

The confirmation only needs to be done once for your account. Once you have confirmed, future upgrades will be added directly.

Upgrade Billing

Apart from API and export credits, all upgrades are billed on a daily basis according to individual usage. For this purpose, the daily maximum value of the add-ons used is saved for each day. Based on this data, the daily usage of add-ons is calculated retroactively at the beginning of the next month.