How can I convert reports into report templates?

Thanks to the new report structure, it is possible to use an existing report as a template for future reports, with different domains. To create a report template out of a report, please create the report with the data boxes of your choice and then go to “Settings”.

There you can change the type from “Report” to “Report Template”, and then click on the Save button. Once the changes have been made, the report will be reloaded and a new box will show up over the template, complete with the “Create from Template” button.

Clicking on that button will open a dialog box in which you can enter the desired domain-, host-, directory- or URL-level, whose data boxes will appear in the report. The data boxes you have in the report “remember” the evaluation depth for the box from which they were added.

Once you have added data boxes from the Optimizer in the Report Template, the “Project” entry will be displayed. The data for these boxes will then be added to the report from the corresponding project. For example, you could add the overview of the errors in one of your projects.

Please note that it is not possible to integrate data boxes from the Google Analytics Integration in a Report Template.
The boxes are always bound to the domain and will be hidden in any reports created from this template.

Once the necessary information has been entered, the new report will be created and the data boxes will be adjusted for the new domain (as well as host, directory or URL).

Finally, it is important to note that you can create a maximum of 5 Report Templates.