How is the competition level calculated?

The Competition value gives you a quick, summarised impression of how intense the competition for the organic positions on Google is for the respective keyword.

We consider a number of factors, weight them and form a key figure from 0 to 100. A value of 0 means that we evaluate that it is very easy to rank for this keyword, as there is no significant competition. A value of 100 means that many professional website operators are already fighting for a ranking for this search term and ranking is correspondingly difficult.

Around 15 values ​​for each keyword are regularly analysed and summarised in this key figure. These are quite intuitive metrics such as the number of searches, but also more complex observations such as the number of start pages (not sub-pages) in the top 10.

The value has a logarithmic structure. In practice, this means that an increase in the competition key figure by 10 points represents roughly twice as intense competition in the SERPs for this keyword.