Account and Invoices

START and PLUS Packages: The Differences

What is included in SISTRIX for Google? Of course, the most important features are included in all packages of SISTRIX for Google. With each package, you have the possibility of retrieving the SISTRIX Visibility Index for different countries. In addition, the following functions are also available for your evaluations and […]

Can I pause my account?

Unfortunately we cannot pause your account. A lot of data is stored together with your account: your own keywords, projects, onpage crawls including your history, reports, lists, dashboard, settings and much more. To maintain this data, your Toolbox account must be active. If you cancel your account, this data will […]

Which payment methods do you offer?

For the utilisation of the Toolbox we will create an invoice at the beginning of each month. You can choose to pay for your account either by SEPA-direct-debit or credit card. You can select your preferred payment method on the invoices settings page, where you can choose either the SEPA-direct-debit […]

What is the duration of the Toolbox access?

The duration of your Toolbox access depends on the chosen contract term, at the time of the contract agreement. With a monthly contract term you can cancel your Toolbox account at any time and this will take effect at the last day of the billing period. Please contact our support […]

Where can I see my invoices?

You will find all invoices for your SISTRIX Toolbox in your account under “My account > Invoices“. The invoices are sorted by their payment status and each invoice can be downloaded as a PDF version. New monthly invoices will be saved there at the beginning of the month. If new […]