START and PLUS Packages: The Differences

What is included in SISTRIX for Google?

Of course, the most important features are included in all packages of SISTRIX for Google. With each package, you have the possibility of retrieving the SISTRIX Visibility Index for different countries. In addition, the following functions are also available for your evaluations and analyses:

  • Access to our extensive domain and keyword databases
  • Onpage crawls for technical SEO
  • Individual keyword queries
  • Access to our backlink index

Why should I choose the START or PLUS package?

The START package opens up an inexpensive way into the Toolbox and the opportunity to learn most of the features for SISTRIX for Google. You can access the domain and keyword databases to analyse the data of your website and that of your competitors in 40 countries. With all packages, you can research keywords, monitor changes and discover opportunities for your project.

With the PLUS package, you also get access with three users at the same time, as well as the possibility for flexible upgrades of reports, projects or download credits. The depth and scope of data is increased, which allows better evaluations for larger domains, this includes an extended history to 5 years. You can manage more domains simultaneously with the 15 included projects and the increased crawl and keyword contingents, as well as the content features.

What other options are included in the PLUS package?

A completely new addition are tools from the content area:

  • the Content Assistant, which helps you keep in mind relevant points in your texts
  • the Content Planner, with which you can cluster keywords sensibly
  • Content Discovery, which allows you to search our database for internationally popular content on your topics

Starting with the PLUS package, you further get the option to carry out upgrades. These features are included in the PLUS package and can be upgraded separately:

  • 3 user accounts for parallel work in the Toolbox
  • 15 projects for Onpage analyses, individual keyword tracking & performance monitoring
  • 5,000 URLs that can be crawled within these projects
  • 2,000 own keywords
  • 10 content projects
  • 25 reports, dashboards & lists
  • 10,000 weekly export & API credits

Do you have more questions?

If you have any further questions, take a look at the overview of our packages for Google, or send a message to Support!