What is the search volume?

This key figure shows you how often a certain search term is searched for on average per month. You can also see the development of trends during the year. In addition, we show how many organic clicks are generated.

We measure the number of searches (not the number of people) that type a specific keyword into Google Search. A stock trader who searches for a certain share price several times a day has a much stronger influence on this number than the hobby investor who enters the same search query every two years.

It is also important to note that we are reporting an annual average here. While this is rather irrelevant for many search queries, since the search volume hardly changes over the year, there are some topics and areas that are strongly seasonal.

The search for winter tires, Christmas trees or swimming pools are good examples of this. The “Trend” column gives you an indication of the change in search volume over the course of the year.

The search volume we display always refers to the selected country (e.g. UK) and the associated language (e.g. English).

There are no 100% reliable data sources for keyword search volume. Even Google only shows rough and often summary data for a whole range of search queries in the Google Keyword Planner.

We obtain our data from numerous sources, check them against each other for consistency and form a very reliable average across all data sources.

The data always refers to measured values ​​from the past 12 months, and in the case of very low search volumes also to longer periods of time. There is no reliable method for reliably estimating future search volume in all cases. Although some trends repeat themselves regularly (seasonality, major sporting events), search demand is often event- and news-driven and cannot be reliably forecast.