Keyword and Domain List Features: How-To, Ideas and Examples

Lists help you to group, manage and analyse sets of domains or keywords. This can be important for project work such as keyword cluster analysis, regular CSV exports, or as a place to note a domain or keywords for later use. In this tutorial we’ll show you the features and […]

Use Shortlinks to easily present Data

You have probably wanted to present or share data from the SISTRIX Toolbox with others, on more than once occasion. For this, the shortlinks, which we will introduce to you in this tutorial, are the ideal feature to show your customers or coworkers information from the Toolbox.

How to create and configure Reports in the SISTRIX Toolbox

With the SISTRIX Toolbox you’ll be able to easily create and personalise reports and email them to anyone you decide. Every data-box in the Toolbox (weekly, daily, mobile or desktop data) can be easily added to a report and will be updated automatically, allowing you to always send the freshest […]

Document Developments with Event-Pins

The SISTRIX Toolbox supports website owners by making it easy to document developments. For this, you can use the “Event-Pins” integrated into the Toolbox.

Using Alerts in the SISTRIX Toolbox

The SISTRIX Toolbox has different alerts available that permit every user to be notified via email or a Slack connection about data changes in the Toolbox. Importantly they can save time on proactive monitoring of you domains and those of your competitors.