Use Shortlinks to easily present Data

You have probably wanted to present or share data from the SISTRIX Toolbox with others, on more than once occasion. For this, the shortlinks, which we will introduce to you in this tutorial, are the ideal feature to show your customers or coworkers information from the Toolbox.

Using Shortlinks

The SISTRIX Toolbox allows you to create “Shortlinks” for the optimal collaboration with other people. Whether you are analysing a domain, URL or directory in the software, at the top right of the page (in the navigation) there will be a “Share this Page” link behind the button.

Step 1: Create a shortlink

Go to the page which you would like to share and click on “Share this Page“. You will get an overview of your currently available credits and the costs for the shortlink.

To create the shortlink, just click on the green button.

Credit Information
For every Toolbox module you are subscribed to, you have 10.000 credits available to you, per week. Please see our FAQ “How does the credit system work within the Toolbox” for more information on Credits.

Step 2: Share the shortlink

Now, the shortlink is available to use however you please. Just copy the URL shown in the window and share it with coworkers and customers. It is also a good idea to click on the link at least once yourself, to see for what the person you share it with will be shown.

As the following example will show you, the shortlink page will contain the Toolbox data as well as the name of the user who created the shortlink. Aditionally, every link has a deadline, as shortlinks become unusable after 24 hours. If you want to also share this information on Facebook and Twitter, you can use the share buttons.

Step 3: Archived shortlinks


You can get an overview over all current and past shortlinks by simply hovering the cursor over your profile picture in the top right corner of the page and clicking on the entry “Shortlinks” in the subsequent menu 1. Alternatively, you can use the direct link

In the shortlink archive, you can see all shortlinks that were created for your account, including their URLs – 2. Availability and number of clicks are important numbers for shortlinks, as you can see, for example, if the person you sent the link to actually opened it.

Examples for using shortlinks

You can generate shortlinks at any time in the Toolbox – no matter where you are inside of the software.

Shortlinks are extremel handy when communicating with customers and coworkers. It works well, for example, if you want to show someone something during a Skype session.

Shortlinks that only work for 24 hours are not really that useful when you create offers during the acquisition phase with a potential customer. You can still use them there, however, if you know that the person you talk to reacts quickly. Alternatively, you could create the page as a PDF. To do so click on “Save Page as PDF” in the footer everywhere in the Toolbox, right below the “Share this Page” link.


Public shortlinks makes exchanging information and working together much easier. They are also great for helping someone with solving a problem, or asking colleagues for advice on social media groups. When using the shortlinks publicly, however, please consider if everyone really needs access to the data.