Monitoring Your Move to SSL With the Toolbox

Google has already started to reward the encryption of websites via the HTTPS protocol in 2014. Over the past few years many website operators have switched to HTTPS and the development in the UK shows substantial growth.

Onpage-Evaluation of individual URLs in the Optimizer

With the SISTRIX Optimizer, you can analyse individual urls. If you have not yet created a project for your page, you will have to do so, before you can go ahead. You can choose to create the project for either the entire domain, a specific subdomain (host) or a directory. […]

OnPage-Optimisation using the SISTRIX Optimizer

SISTRIX Optimizer – setting up your project To analyse a webpage based on OnPage factors with the Toolbox, you have to set up the website as a project in the “Optimizer” module. We will use thsun.co.uk for this tutorial. To start using the Optimizer, sign into the Toolbox and click […]

Crawling Errors in the Optimizer

There can be times when the SISTRIX Crawler cannot completely capture all content on a page. Here, we take a look at the most common reasons as well as the reasons, and show you solutions to these problems. The SISTRIX crawler All access related to the SISTRIX Toolbox is carried […]

Code Search in the Optimizer

Through the code search in the Optimizer you are able to search for specific words or phrases within all the files on your website. There are a number of sensible use-cases for a regular utilisation of the code search. Before you are able to use the code search you will […]

Create your own Visibility Index

Every SISTRIX Toolbox user can create their own Visibility Index with the SISTRIX Optimizer. By specifying your own search terms, rankings can be monitored either daily or weekly. The same search terms are also evaluated for your competitors, making comparisons easy. In this tutorial we show you a useful way […]