How much historical data does SISTRIX have?

In The Story of SISTRIX you can read about when the first Toolbox product was introduced in Germany. At that time, in 2008, we were only gathering data for the German market but very quickly after that we saw the value in gathering data for other countries. The UK, Spain, French and Italian markets followed in 2010 and in 2011 we started covering the USA market along with Switzerland and Austria.

Example domain for the UK retail chain Debenhams. Sistrix has been collecting UK data since 2010

2015 saw the introduction of Brazil, The Netherlands, Poland and Sweden and in 2016 we introduced Turkey.

In 2018 we added new English-language countries: Canada, Australia and Ireland along with Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Russia and Japan.

For a full list see the supported countries article.