What SERPs data do we collect?

As we gather the SERPs data across all the countries, we use a fixed set of search terms, or ‘keywords.’ For each of those search terms we don’t just gather domain and position data. We gather much more!

In most countries we gather the Top 100 search results. This gives you data on both the highly competitive and commercially-relevant top-10 positions and the opportunities and issues that lie in the lower pages of the SERPs results.

For each search result we collect the surrounding Universal Search and Google Ads results that might appear. We also capture, for each position, the complete title and the URL that is ranking including host, domain, directory, filename and URL parameters. Other information we collect includes the result snippet (and information on shortened snippets), action boxes and mini-sitelinks. We also collect, from multiple additional sources, the potential cost of a Google ad for the search term, the search volume and an indicator of the month-to-month variation in search volume.

We collect more than just URLs and positions. Titles and universal search, ads and snippets are also captured.

For our new mobile-first countries we are currently gathering only the Top 10 ‘traffic generating’ search results.

We have been collecting this SERPs data since 2008. Read more about the historical data-set.