How to Set Up Your SISTRIX Account in 3 Steps

Before you start diving into the features and data of the SISTRIX Toolbox, it’s important to set up some basic options for your account. This will make your everyday work easier and avoid unnecessary time waste afterwards.

SISTRIX Lists: Possibilities, Ideas and Examples

Lists in SISTRIX help you group, manage and analyse sets of domains or keywords. This is especially important for project work such as the analysis of keyword clusters or of the competitive environment and the regular export of CSV files.

The SISTRIX Account Settings

With the various helpful account settings, you can connect your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts with SISTRIX, for example. You can generate API keys, change the language, add new profiles for colleagues, create event pins and much more.

The SISTRIX Interface – Understand the Start Page

In this tutorial, we would like to introduce you to the main components of the SISTRIX Toolbox interface so that you can quickly access the data you need for your evaluations.

Use Shortlinks to Easily Present Data

You have probably wanted to present data from the SISTRIX Toolbox with others on more than one occasion.

Document Developments with Event Pins

The Event Pins integrated in SISTRIX help you document SEO measures and quickly analyse all relevant Google updates.