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How far would .tel domain’s have a positive or negative effect on the SEO-results of my website?

Using a .tel domain does not have a positive influence on being able to find a website, when compared to a normal gTLD or ccTLD.

The domain ending .tel is a so called sponsored top-level-domain (sTLD) and is actually not supposed to make a website available but to display the owner’s contact data.

If you want to create a commercial or private website you should choose a different domain ending from .tel.

Which top-level-domain (TLD) should I choose?

That is up to you to decide and depends on the type of website you have, as well as your visitors and your business model. If international SEO matters to you, you should at least be aware of the differences and possibilities between a gTLD and ccTLD.

The hreflang-guide for international SEO

In our hreflang guide for international SEO you will learn everything you need to know about the proper handling of Google and multilingual websites. Avoid duplicate content and learn how to properly use the hreflang link attribute.

Video explanation by Matt Cutts on this topic

What is your advice for geotargeting sites with ccTLDs?

At the moment Geotargeting from Webmaster Console is available only for Generic TLDs. What is your advice for webmasters with country specific domains who want to geotarget different segments of their sites?

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