Google brings video results together in a new Carousel

Google has re-organised the way it presents videos in search results. This major change now puts videos in a carousel rather than in the organic results.

Google to Allow Cloaking for Publishers

From the start, Google’s rules have been easy to understand and quite clear: the Google crawler needs to see the exact same content that a regular user would. If that does not happen, then you have a case of cloaking – a technique that Google considers to be in violation […]

Emojis in the Google SERPs

User signals are one thing that you cannot imagine to be missing from a modern search engine optimization: show Google that your result is better than the others. In order to even get a chance at doing so, users need to click on your results. And this is where snippet […]

Fred Update – What Do All Losers Have In Common?

Considering the facts that there are more than 600 Algorithm Updates by Google, every year, and that Google will not announce all the updates to their Ranking Algorithm, we are very glad to have Barry Schwartz who is collecting, writing and distributing current information about Google for over 13 years. […]

Mobile First – Google makes Mobile Index the Main Index

Last week, Google announced at the Pubcon in Las Vegas that the Mobile Index will take the place of the Desktop Index as the main index. This means that from now on Google will not check if there exists a Mobile Version to the Desktop Version but conversely, if there […]

Buying links that others earned… Why not?

If you have the budget for it, then the easiest way to push your domain on Google is by buying an entire domain full of links, that others had to earn through long years of hard work, and then redirecting all content to your domain. If the domain grew organically […]

Case Study: Has been hit by one of Google’s manual actions?

This week, the domain shows a 22% loss in their Visibility Index for Google US, this means that went from a Visibility index score of 266.07 last week, down to 208.8, right now. This may not sound like much, at first, but 22% for a such huge domain actually comes […]

The BBC’s Marketshare on Google

In May of this year, the BBC announced far-reaching cuts to their web presence. “Soft news“ content such as magazine articles, recipes and travel advice would be reduced. The BBC’s director-general, Lord Hall of Birkenhead, said that the broadcasters’ websites “cannot be all things to all people“. All this is […]

How Google Evaluates Links Using The User Signals From Google Chrome Browser

There is growing evidence, that Google can identify and devalue unnatural links very well by using User Signals. Already in 2014, we wrote about the fact that Google has the possibility to evaluate links by using data from the Chrome Browser. Using the User Signals on how often a link […]

Examples of user behaviour influencing Google’s rankings

A few weeks ago, I saw a great “Whiteboard Friday” episode by Rand Fishkin, which we agree with 100%. I too think that Google is all about delivering the best answer for the user, and for this, Google needs user behaviour data in order to decide which search result deserves […]