Rankings – Ranking History and Competitors

SISTRIX will regularly monitor and archive your keyword-set based on the crawling frequency set within your project. It will also create a list of direct competitors that rank for the project keywords. You’ll find the information inside the features “Ranking History” and “Competitors” in your Onpage project.

Ranking History

This chart shows the calendar-week positions of all keywords in the project.
A red figure indicates a fall in position. Green indicates an increase in position.

If the project includes tags, they are shown at the top of the table and can be selected in order to filter the results.


Competitors in the SISTRIX Optimizer

Project Tags

Here you can find your tags. Choose the tags you want to analyse against your competitors.


In this section we show you other domains, hosts, paths and URLs that also rank for the keywords in your project.

If you’d like to see the competition based on a keyword tag set, select the tag at the top of the page. You can select between domains, hosts, paths and URLs at the bottom of the page.

Column value meanings:

  • Competition: The value on this column is based on the keywords in your keyword-set and shows the percentage difference in terms of project visibility for those keywords. For example, the domain you are comparing against always has a value of 100%. A domain, host, path or URL with a 200% value has double the visibility for those keywords. This doesn’t means that it ranks for all the keywords though. Fewer keywords with a higher weighting may cause the domain to have a higher overall visibility.
  • Visibility Index: In this column you’ll find the Visibility Index for the whole domain based on the project keyword database.