Insights – Status Codes and Page Depth

The features “Status Codes” and “Page Depth” are part of the Insights information for an Onpage project. They will help you understand which status codes your website are showing and how many clicks your content is away from the project homepage.

Status Codes

The feature "Status Codes" in the SISTRIX Optimizer


In this diagram you can see the total numbers of status codes that show on the different pages of your website.

The status codes available are:

  • 2xx – Reachable
  • 301 – Permanently Redirect
  • 302 – Temporary Redirect
  • 404 – Page not found
  • 4xx – Not reachable
  • 5xx – With server errors


Besides the different status codes of your website, this table shows the total number of URLs per code as well as the percentage with respect to the total number of responses.

By clicking on “Show URLs”, you will see all the individual URLs that generate each code.

Page Depth

Feature "Page Depth" in the SISTRIX Optimizer


How many clicks away from the project homepage (level 0) are other pages in the project domain.

There shouldn’t be large parts of the website that sit far (in clicks) away from the homepage. Pages that do sit ‘deep’ in the click levels may only be found later, if at all, by the GoogleBot. The important point here is ‘crawling budget’. It’s always advisable to keep away from a deep click-structure.


In this table you will find grouped and cumulative values for the URLs in terms of click level.

With these values you can quickly work out, for example, what percentage of the site is three clicks away from the homepage, or what number of URLs are more than 6 clicks away from the homepage.

By using the “Show URLs with click level n” link you can view every URL that falls into the group.