Rankings – Project Keywords

Thanks to the SISTRIX Optimizer you can specify a personalised keyword-set and monitor it daily or weekly, according to a specific device or search engine. The rankings page shows detailed information about the keywords.

How to start

If this part of the Optimizer doesn’t show any data, you probably haven’t added any keyword into your project yet.

Easily add new keywords for an Optimizer project under the “Settings” option (top-right) where you can use the “Keywords” tab. Enter the keywords that you would like to monitor and which should be used to create the Visibility Index.

To know more about this process, please read our tutorial: “Create your own Visibility Index“.

General Options

In the white bar, located between the Toolbox navigation menu and the filters, you’ll find general settings for the project keywords, in particular:

Options of the section Opportunities in the SISTRIX Toolbox
  • Options: tailor the table according to your personal needs and requirements. Thanks to the function “Select column” you’ll be able to add more interesting columns to the table. The “Expert filter” allows you to create complex filter combinations, which you can also save and load.
  • Export: with this button you can export the displayed table as a download of keywords and the data contained in every column. Read more about exports and credits here.
  • Shortlink: share the page with other Toolbox users. You’ll get a personalised shortlink, active for a few days, that you can share without any limitations.


The filters allow you to filter the results in the table and get only what you need. Every field of the table can be filtered, even the data inside additional columns added using the option “Select column”.

How filters work: choose one of the suggested Quick Filters tags or click on the green button “Filter now” to select one of the 30 different filter options available. You can create complex filter combinations using the Expert Filter.

Project Keywords

The keyword table in an Optimizer project

The keyword table lists all keywords, their current position and positional changes in the SERPs based on the configured keyword settings.

The standard columns available are:

Keyword: the query exactly as it is written in Google. Keywords can be made up of one or more words or word elements.

Position: position of the domain URL for the keyword inside the organic SERPs. It concerns only the organic (SEO) rankings and not Ads or other Google integrations.

URL: exact URL which is ranking in Google’s results pages. For AMP results the Toolbox measures only the virtual URL on the domain-target and not the AMP URL on the Google servers.

Search Volume: number of monthly search queries for this keyword on Google for the chosen Country. The Toolbox shows the average monthly traffic (over 12 months) in order to exclude any seasonal influence.

The columns Tags, Location, Device and Search Engine refer to the preferences you chose during the creation of your keyword-set. The date of the most recent crawl is shown in the “Date” column.

Click on the column headings to sort by that column and use the filters (“Filter Now”) to refine the list.

Click on the last icon of each row to view the keyword details, position history and the SERPs collected for that keyword.

Keyword Overview Section

After clicking the last column of the project keywords table, the Toolbox will bring you to a separated section where you can get more information about the keyword.

Keyword Overview

Keyword overview of an Optimizer keyword

In this section we show you the details for the tracked keyword including the country, domain, search device type and frequency (daily or weekly.) You’ll see the time period checked and the total number of data points.

Keyword Ranking Graph

A graphical representation of the movement of the keyword in the selected SERPs, over time, is shown here. Competitor domains can also be compared. (Maximum 7 domains.)

If the graph shows no result it means that it doesn’t have enough data points for the keyword.

Keyword SERPs

Optimizer SERPs for a project keyword

The top 100 SERPs are shown here along with indicators showing (with different colours) your domain and competitor domain positioning. Historical data can be selected using the drop-down date menu.