Insights – Performance Overview

The Insights' overview page in the Optimizer will give you extensive data about the homepage (or another specific page) of your project's website, focusing mainly on loading time.

Note that by default this section analyses the homepage of the website, but you can add other URLs under “Performance Overview”.

Page Resources

The chart "Page Resources" in the SISTRIX Optimizer

Which resources make up the homepage of your website and how are they distributed in terms of numbers.

We show HTML, Javascript, image and CSS types.

Overall Size of Page

Here you can find out how the homepage of your website is built in terms of resources by total size.

This information can be used, for example, to help with the optimisation of resources for a quicker load-time.

Loading Time

What’s the breakdown of loading-time for the page?

We show you how the time to completely load the page breaks down between latency, time to first view and time until the document is ready.

Last Weeks Performance

Overview of the loading times of the project website inside the SISTRIX Optimizer

Get an overview of the loading times of the project website over the last week and find potential for optimisation.

Hover the mouse on the chart to see the loading time for a specific date. You can also zoom into a specific date-range by holding the mouse button down and selecting the range you would like to focus on, or click on “Fullscreen” to let the graph fit your entire screen.

Click on the cogwheel icon to add personal pins, download the chart or add it to a dashboard or a report.

Resource Waterfall

How long does each resource on the page need until it is loaded?

In the waterfall diagram you’ll find a list of all resources as they were loaded, their status code and the time it took to load them.

Hover the mouse on the bars to see the loading time for a specific resource.

Performance Overview

Monitor the performance of up to 5 URLs inside an Optimizer project

By default this section shows the KPI of the project’s homepage, but you can monitor up to 5 URLs in your project domain for loading time.

Simply click “Add URL”, enter the URL and we’ll begin the monitoring process. Click on “Details” to see the performance overview of that specific URL.