Evaluating the Visibility Index for Smartphones

With the SISTRIX Toolbox, you have different means to evaluate data for mobile devices. It is, of course, especially interesting to look at smartphone-rankings and -visibility values for websites. On April 21st 2015, Google introduced an official update that focused on “mobile webpages”. In this tutorial, we will show you the current options that you can use to analyse the mobile visibility.

Evaluating the Visibility Index

Aside from the desktop version, we also offer you the Visibility Index values for mobile devices. If you enter a domain into the Toolbox searchbar you will see the desktop data, by default. The first box “Visibility Index” also shows you the value for mobile devices (Smartphones) below the desktop value.

Let us take a look at a typical use-case for this new feature by using the German Huffingtonpost website.

Domain overview huffingtonpost.de - switch to smartphone data

After clicking on “Show Smartphone Data” the Visibility Index chart refreshes and you can see both the desktop- as well as the smartphone-visibility.

Using huffingtonpost.de, this comparison looks like this:

comparing the desktop and mobile Visibility for huffingtonpost.de

There seems to be only one reason for why the smartphone visibility fell off a cliff: Huffingtonpost Germany must have lost due to the new Google Update. Or could it be that the real answer is not quite as superficial?

When you see a decrease like this, the first thing you should do is look at the domain in your browser. Here, of course, you will have to use your smartphone as that is where the loss of visibility showed up. In the case of “huffingtonpost.de”, the answer becomes quickly obvious.

When using a smartphone, the website is delivered through “huffpost.com”. Using the SISTRIX Toolbox, you should now look at this domain and compare the desktop- and smartphone-visibilities.

desktop- and smartphone-visiblity comparison for huffpost.com

You will see that the smartphone visibility for “huffpost.com” has risen a lot in the same span of time that the mobile visibility for “huffingtonpost.de” was lost. “huffpost.com” does, however, not play any role in the desktop search. This means that Huffingtonpost Germany basically uses a completely different domain on the Smartphone.

If you compare both smartphone values directly, it will look like this:

Direct comparison of smartphone Visibility for huffpost.com and huffingtonpost.de

Conclusion: The German Huffingtonpost website does not have a problem when it comes to being mobile friendly.

The Toolbox also allows you a direct comparison between desktop- and smartphone-visibility for “Directories” and then “Hostnames”. There, you can change the chart as well, by going to the box settings.

Ranking evaluations

Going into the SEO-module to “Keywords” you will see the table with all rankings of the desired domain, just as you are used to. You can now click on the tab “Smartphone data” above the filters to get to the mobile data.

Smartphone keywords for huffpost.com in the German index

It is important to remember to please look at the correct smartphone domain when analysing the smartphone data. If we want to look at the smartphone data for Huffingtonpost Germany, it would be a rather bad idea if we used huffingtonpost.de. In this case, you should look at the smartphone data for huffpost.com in the German index.


You can easily evaluate the Visibility for a domain on mobile devices by using the SISTRIX Toolbox. Though, you will have to mare sure that you choose the correct domain. If you do, you will be able to evaluate all details, from the global domain all the way down to a directory-level, subdomains and URLs.

In addition, the Optimizer also lets you evaluate mobile data, as well. Please read our tutorial “Create your own Visibility Index” for more information.