How to use your experience and expertise – EEAT with Lily Ray

A chance to listen to Lily Ray is a chance to learn about Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust. Lily has been studying the Google requirements, testing processes and sharing her findings to SEOs so it’s with great pleasure that we sit down with her again here in the SISTRIX studio.

We start by discussing the current state of play. Does Google expect masters-level content quality or can we still get away with high-school level content. Lily tells us about YMYL content and why we might need to keep the quality high for these topic areas.

I asked Lily if there’s an opportunity for experts right now. How can they show Google that they are experts? Lily calls this a one of the biggest opportunities in the space right now and tells us how she works on this with her clients as part of an SEO strategy.

How do experts “connect the dots” for Google? Links and structured data along with rich media on bio-pages says Lily.

We tackle a controversial question next. Does every author need a bio page? We talk about examples that show author and editor info and think about the future.

Can you be an expert in multiple, unconnected disciplines? Lily tells us to be honest, be hones and not to hide things. However, Lily has her own personal example to talk about. I also asked Lily how much time she spends taking care of her profiles.

There are experts out there that don’t have any detailed online profile. How do these people start online as an expert? How do you build your profile?

It’s fairly easy for readers to spot a fake review if they know what the signs are, but can Google spot it? Lily says yes, Google has the capability.

We discuss the risks of AI content. What are the risks and how can you prevent them? We talk about needing an expert to check AI content.

A good way to cut through all the buzz of SEO is to find out what people are actually focusing on in the world of SEO. Lily gives us an overview of her recent work. We also talk about the near future and the Search Generative Experience and Perspectives.

Many thanks to Lily Ray for her time with us. Find out more about Lily, and follow her for more information.