Content Marketing in the Travel Industry – Guillaume Picard

Tourscanner won an award in the recent Visibility Leaders report and so we asked them to tell us how they work. In this interview with co-founder and CMO Guillaume Picard you can learn about the setup, staffing and travel expertise used by this relatively new, successful player in the travel sector.

Startup and growth phases of a travel website

We talking about the ‘blog’ success and SEO within the company. Tourscanner started about 5 years ago taking about 1 to 2 years to build the site. Tourscanner publishes international content about holiday activities. Guillaume talks about how the company started.

A blog that works

Why did you focus on ‘slash blog’? Guillaume talks about measuring and building on success. The blog is used to inspire people and is the result of testing.

A blog for search marketing

Is the blog used just for search marketing, or is it used as content for social channels too? Guillaume explains how the blog is just used for search marketing.

The team

What sort of people, and how many people are working at this travel company? Guillaume talks about staffing.

Content experts – how do you find them?

Guillaume talks about how they find and engage with the travel writers.

What changes are important for SEOs in 2023?

What changes do you see as important in 2023? What is ‘challenge of the year’ for SEOs? Guillaume talks about the elements of new and surprising content, something that AI isn’t very good at!

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