Mobile SEO

In March 2018 it became official: Google is now using the mobile version of a website for ranking – true to the motto “User First”.

In a large-scale research on mobile search behavior, we evaluated over 100,000 domains and 250 million clicks in 12 countries. One thing is certain: only a third of the websites examined can win market share in mobile search rankings. The whole analysis is available here for free:

In order to match our philosophy and establish which aspects are relevant in practice, we invited 11 of the best SEO experts from Germany, Spain and the UK to Bonn and questioned them about central aspects around Mobile SEO. The result is 6 exciting videos highlighting SEO expertise with useful tips and practical experience from mobile SEO practice.

Participants: Gerry White, Aleyda Solis, Hannah Thorpe, Ned Poulter

Steve Paine