Retail SEO: Kevin Indig

The organic search channel is significant for retailers. Big brands regularly report revenue values for their online shops and experts say that the organic channel commonly ranges between 25% and 30% of all digital traffic. We sat down with Kevin Indig, an expert in retail SEO, to try to extract as much knowledge as we could, in 25 minutes.

Kevin’s background spans many years and many companies. G2 and Shopify being just two of them. We talk about some of the Visibility Leader data that shows successful informational content on retail websites and talk around priorities and opportunities. For example video, AI content and informational content opportunities.

This video is part of our Visibility Leaders project, exposing high performance content hubs in the retail sector.

How big is the organic search channel for retailers?

Between 25% and 30% of traffic flows, on average through the organic search funnel for retails. More importantly though, Kevin sees opportunities of over 50%. The traffic is good quality traffic too.

How do board executives view this channel?

At board level, Kevin believes that more focus is being placed on the channel, despite some potential knowledge gaps about the channel.

Informational content on retail websites – opportunity?

The typical ‘do’ content on retail websites is obvious, but SISTRIX has seen informational and knowledge content on retail websites too. Kevin talks the about the problem attributing this traffic to sales.

Examples and cases where informational content works on retail sites.

Kevin and Steve highlight a few examples where informational content has worked on predominantly B2C ecommerce sites.

Content containers. What are the most important factors for a retail site?

User experience and core web vitals, the correct text on each page (category pages, for example) and internal linking, along with rich snippet opportunities. Kevin also emphasises his belief that visuals could be more important in the future.

Informational content – is expertise important?

SISTRIX data shows some knowledge content that’s working but that’s not following the best practice in E.A.T guidelines. Kevin mentions the new information published by Google on quality content, and examples of sites where, even from just a user or brand perspective, that the expertise can be a competitive advantage.

AI content – Does it have a place in content for search?

Kevin thinks there’s a space for AI, after changing his mind recently. He also talks about areas of content for which AI is not of good enough quality.

Cat content!

El Gato pays us a visit in the studio.

Video, content and SEO.

Kevin sees a big opportunity in video-related features, such as carousels, in the SERPs. Be aware, he says, that the click often goes to other platforms, namely YouTube, but can serve a purpose in improving trust by viewers.

Is there an opportunity for everyone to be producing video content?

Production costs are going up and can be a barrier to stepping into the world of video content but with the increasing competition in this area, it must be considered.

Differences in SEO activities between USA and Germany.

Technical vs content: Are there differences in the way SEO is performed in the two countries? “Yes”, says Kevin. In general there are clear differences between the two.