Healthline Nutrition: SEO Strategy, Teams and Experts! (Video)

Healthline was identified in the SISTRIX Visibility Leaders project as one of the four winning content projects. In this case, for large projects in the “informative” category. Anthony Machi, Senior associate at Healthline Media gives us an insight into the Healthline content strategy via a video interview.

Many thanks to Anthony for giving us insights on the SEO processes and strategy at Healthline Media. In the video interview with Steve Paine (SISTRIX) Anthony covers the following topics:

The Healthline data from SISTRIX

A page 1 keyword ranking ratio of over 40% is class-leading, and Healthline have more than one high-performance content directory.

The Healthline team and process

Anthony talks about team size and structure, the way that experts are interleaved into the content process and the focus on user intent.

Where do fresh ideas come from?

Ideas can come from anywhere but Anthony highlights the please and excitement of finding new ideas from within the team, at any time.

How much of your work is focused on updating old content?

With over 5600 ranking URLs up to 50% of the work can be on updating content and keeping it fresh.

How many people are working on Healthline Nutrition? Freelancers too?

Anthony talks about the team sizes and how freelancers integrate into that. He also talks about how SEO expertise from 3rd parties is brought in when necessary.

What is your focus for 2023?

Anthony congratulates the work his UI and technical teams do and talks about plans for 2023

Visibility Leaders

This video is part of our Visibility Leaders project, exposing high performance content hubs in the retail sector. More analysis and information on the winning hub at Healthline can be found here.