The Page Speed Ranking Factor. What, exactly, is fast?

Google has very recently started to use the loading speed of websites as a ranking factor for mobile Google Search results. In this article we explain exactly what ‘fast’ means and we share a new, free tool that will allow you to check the speed of your websites against others […]

The Google Unknown Update Christmas Edition

Some things are time-honoured traditions: public transportation takes a hit after getting surprised by the start of winter, you can ogle at the SISTRIX ferris-wheel and Google gets everyone up and horrified before the Christmas season by a large update.

More Than Half of All Google Results are HTTPS ?

Encrypting your communication through HTTPS is a topic close to Google’s heart. Mountain View showed this somewhat awkwardly by vaguely hinting at a possible connection between good rankings on Google and the use of HTTPS. From that point on, we have kept an eye on the state of the HTTPS […]

Surveying the Featured Snippets

Looking at our list of domains with the most featured snippets we see the Wikipedia as the clear winner. What makes this list so interesting are those domains that make the cut even though they are not within the list of most Visible domains on Let’s take a closer […]

Emojis in the Google SERPs

User signals are one thing that you cannot imagine to be missing from a modern search engine optimization: show Google that your result is better than the others. In order to even get a chance at doing so, users need to click on your results. And this is where snippet […]

International comparison of competition within the SERPs

Back in 2012 I held a conference talk about international and multilingual SEO and was thankful that Johannes gave me some great data from the Toolbox. At the end of last year, I was able to speak at the Inbound conference in Boston (which is nothing like what we know […]

Is Google or Facebook the main traffic source for publishers?

In August 2015, – a content analytics platform – released an Authority Report where they suggest that Facebook has surpassed Google as a top referring source to publishers. But is this true? Many European publishers would disagree. Anyway, one and half years and a number of report updates later, […]

If Not Dates in the URL, What Then?

A few weeks ago, I explained how using a directory structure which uses dates within the URLs can kill your content in Google. The examples, and all show us that there is still much room for improvement and an opportunity for more traffic. Using dates in the URLs […]

Spread of HTTPS-pages within the Google SERPs

Google just took off the gloves: yesterday was the day that my Chrome Browser started showing not only the green encryption-lock for HTTPS pages, but also explicitly telling me that the page is “Secure”. Google has already made us aware in a blogpost that they will start showing a “Not […]

SEO in the Premier League

Football, it is simply impossible to not talk about the most popular sport in the world, when you are in its homeland. Today, we will take a closer look at the domains for the Premier League clubs. These domains have a natural affinity for being great sources for evaluations, because […]